Becky G Studios

Becky, a non-traditional photographer based in the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington, brings a unique and refreshing perspective to her craft. With over a decade of photography experience under her belt, she's come to realize that capturing moments goes beyond just clicking a shutter—it's about creating an experience and building genuine connections.

Becky's approach to photography is all about authenticity and ensuring you can be your true self in front of the camera. Her goal is to craft timeless images that will allow you to relive the joy of those moments for years to come.

I collaborated with Becky to establish a website that serves as an extension of her approach to photography and reflects her unique personality. The result is a high-end, chic aesthetic. A sense of comfort is built into every aspect including the type styles, minimal color palette and liberal use of white space. While the mood is contemplative, a touch of playfulness keeps it from taking itself too seriously. Overall the outcome is curious, has great sense of flow and gives people the opportunity to really explore when they visit it. 

Role // Website Design & Development

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